About ticEDUCA 2012

Context and Goals

The international context of financial crisis and the need for rethinking educational institutions faced with paradigmatic changes (either concerning youth employability or institutional sustainability), makes the creation of opportunities for reflection on education and technologies a relevant topic.

Due to the increasing adoption of technologies by the general public, innovation processes on educational environments assume nowadays an important role on transforming institutions and spaces where education is developed.

It is important to understand, by sharing experiences and investigations on this field of study, how technology has contributed and can contribute for the personal and professional development of youngsters, not only at school but also in other contexts not always traditionally seen as educational.

Taking on the relevance through reflection and strategic thinking with regard to the contributions of technology for the education development with a prospective vision of social development, the II International Congress ICT and Education – ticEduca 2012 – adopts the theme Towards Education 2.0 and aims to:

- Analyze innovative educational practices using technologies in formal and non-formal contexts;
- Divulge results and conclusions from investigation works on the use of technologies in educational environments, having in perspective the construction of new issues and new lines of investigation and development;
- Contribute to identifying the most relevant investigation and intervention areas and domains that are helping the development of plans of action for updating perspectives on the use of technologies on educational processes.

Target Audience

ticEDUCA 2012 is destined for educators, teachers, trainers and investigators whose work is associated to educational and training institutions, undergraduate and postgraduate students.